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Emerging Fields in Gender Studies

(D-Course/Master’s level course in Gender Studies), 30 ECTS




The D-Course/Gender Studies 4 (distance and/or on-campus) at the Centre for Gender Studies, Karlstad University, Sweden, focusses on two emerging fields in Gender Studies: transgender studies and critical masculinity studies. This course teaches students how to critically examine the social categories of gender, sexuality and the gendered body and enable them to address their dynamic intra-actions with further social categories. The course will provide form and meaning to embodied experiences of gender, sexuality and the gendered body, how they effect our sense of selves and work as a structuring principle in society and social organising. The course will focus on intersectional and inclusive discussions of feminist theory within trans studies and critical masculinity studies. 

 The application deadline is April 18th, 2017

Please apply here: https://www.universityadmissions.se/intl/addtobasket?id=KAU-29170&period=HT_2017

The D-course can be used either individually or as a contribution to your MA or MSc courses in Gender Studies or another subject. 

This course is available as a full-time course (autumn semester 2017) and part-time course (autumn 2017 and spring 2018). The module 1 can be taken individually without the other modules following. The course language is English and the course is a semi-distance course. That means it can be taken either as on-campus course or as an online course with virtual classroom participation. Knowledge of Swedish language is not required. 

Please find the course online here: 


Further information:  https://www3.kau.se/kursplaner/en/GVAD20_20172_en.pdf 

 The course contains the following modules: 

Module 1: Gender in a Historical and Contemporary Perspective

7.5 ECTS

The module covers in-depth concepts, methods and methodologies of gender studies from a historical and contemporary perspective. It has a particular focus on transgender studies, masculinity studies, intimacies and new feminist materialism. The course will provide you with concrete insights into these fields and their ongoing debates in academic as well as activist contexts. 


Module 2: Theory of Science, Methodology, and Research Processes

7.5 ECTS 

The module addresses the relation between theoretical and methodological approaches and will address and practice current research methods in gender studies. Critical writing and reflexivity suc has situated writing play a significant role in this module. This module will equip you with a foundational as well as advanced knowledge of research methods and feminist methodologies. 


Module 3: Essay


In the third module you will write the D-course essay that takes shape in the form of a research project. During the writing process you will receive regular feedback and individual tutoring. Additionally you will have the opportunity to continuously learn how to improve your writing as well as analytical approach to your research project via collective feedback seminars and peer reviewing discussions.  


Contact person:  Wibke Straube, wibke.straube@kau.se