Diversity and Difference: Studies in Subjectivation

Kindly accept our invitation to the conference "Diversity and Difference: Studies in Subjectivation," which will take place in Kiel (Germany) between Sept 28 and 30.

Diversity characterizes societies of the present. Some fight for "Leave no one behind" and "Black lives matter" - others, however, experience diversity as a loss of control or counter difference with defense and degradation. The conference uses subjectivation research’s theoretical vocabulary and empirical approaches to investigate diversity and difference. How can perspectives on subjects and subjectivation, biographies and discourses, articulations and re-articulations, positionings and re-positionings become fruitful for critical social analysis in the context of diversity and difference?

The conference will be framed by Key-Notes from Ann Phoenix (UK), Christine M. Jacobsen (NO), Rebecca W. B. Lund (NO) and Denise Bergold-Caldwell (AU/US).
Find the full programme attached and at: https://t1p.de/uyt94
Please register for the conference at: https://t1p.de/3zshz
Contact: diversity-and-difference@email.uni-kiel.de

The conference is hosted by the Research Group Gender & Diversity Studies (CAU) and will be held at Kiel University as an in-person event (Germany). It is the international conference of the ‘Studies in Subjectivation’ Working Group and the Annual Meeting of the Biographical Research Section in the German Sociological Association (GSA), in cooperation with the Sociology of Knowledge Section (GSA).
We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Kiel!

Download programme.